Since May 1988 finance broking firm Capital-West Finance Pty Ltd have assisted our clients in securing various avenues of property and business finance.

Our service is provided “fee free” on almost all occasions as we are remunerated by our lenders, many who are known to all. Normal lender’s fees are incurred by our clients as determined by the loan type.

Our longevity in the finance services industry approaching twenty seven years has provided the necessary confidence for the property and business investor to approach Capital-West Finance Pty Ltd.

Further, Capital-West Finance Pty Ltd as a finance broking organisation, have established various long standing relationships with lending institution representatives, providing the necessary confidence to discuss each clients requirements.

Today the finance broking industry, introduces approximately 50% of all loan applications that are settled within a financial year. The role of the finance broker has the full support of the major lending institutions including the banking sector.

The benefits in employing Capital-West Finance Pty Ltd to assist include providing choice of lenders, specialisation, experience, longevity and regular communication.

Our Finance Services include:

Residential Finance
Commercial Property Finance
Business Finance
Plant and Equipment Finance including salary sacrifice motor vehicle finance
Debtor Finance
Trade Finance
Existing Facilities Review

Benefits To You:

The most competitive financial solutions
Peace of Mind
Personalised service with one point of contact
Available at a time that suits you
Our team have previous hands-on investment in business and property
We are remunerated by our lenders

Improving your financial position can make your life so much easier to manage. Having the right loan for the right reason will enable you to get on with what’s important to you. Capital-West Finance will spend all the time with you that’s needed to ensure all your needs are met and the right loan is established with the right financial institution.

How to assess if you can afford a loan?

Assessing your abiltiy to pay for your loan is a team effort between you and Capital-West Finance. We have the right resources to help you decide if a loan is right for you at the time you need it.

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