Finance Services in Perth

Our nature of business as finance consultants is sourcing client borrowings from lenders, many known to all. We provide assistance in securing funding in the following areas:

  • Property Finance (commercial and residential) purchase, refinancing and development funding
  • Business Finance (freehold and leasehold) purchase and refinancing
  • Plant and Equipment funding
  • Debtor Funding
  • Trade Finance
  • Existing facilities review

All funding is met by recognised lending institutions.

Our staff are available to assist by visiting your business, home or other suitable location. Alternatively our clients are most welcome to visit our Subiaco office.

Residential Finance

Capital-West Finance are accredited introducers of both residential, owner occupier and investment property loans to various lending institutions. Borrowers include individuals and corporate entities (investment property loans only).

Capital-West Finance on all occassions are remunerated by our lenders unless otherwise advised.

In approaching Capital-West Finance, prior to entering any purchase contract your loan capacity can be determined.

Please refer to our Residential Finance page for more details.

Business Finance

By “business” we mean both “freehold” (both the property and its associated business) and leasehold business types, with clients approaching Capital-West Finance Pty Ltd over the years to assist with funding arrangements relating to their purchase or desire to refinance.

Examples of freehold business’s funded have included hotels, taverns and caravan parks.

With leasehold lending a number of lenders have developed “franchise lending packages” where funds for approved franchises can be advanced against the leasehold assets (goodwill, fixtures and fittings, stock) of that franchise. Contact Capital-West for confirmation of such franchises/business’s. We at Capital-West Finance believe we have additional reasons why we should be approached to assit.

Over the years our director has developed “first hand knowledge” of acquiring business’s with other working partners including wholesale, retail and liquor types.This experience has proved invaluable, particularly in discussing business acquisition funding, for first timers.

Further our lenders welcome our applications, as they know we offer complete transparency in all our dealings coupled with our knowledge and experiences developed over past 26 years.

Plant and Equipment Finance

Capital-West Finance over the years has introduced various plant and equipment finance packages on behalf of clients. Our sources of finance are known to most and we are still assisting various clients 20 years later. On almost all occasions the item of plant and equipment is sole security necessary for the loan advance.

Capital-West Finance on all occassions are remunerated by our lenders.

Commercial Property Finance

Capital-West Finance over the years have assisted many clients in assisting with their purchase or desire to refinance existing facilities

Commercial property includes industrial,office, retail, warehouse, factory,tourism and apartment development types, to name a few. Reliable, approachable and experienced lender contacts have been developed over the years, enabling Capital West Finance to approach our lenders with confidence.

Further our lenders welcome our applications, as they know we offer (1) complete transparency in all our dealings and (2) are aware of loan serviceability requirements necessary for approval.

To date approvals have generally covered the $500,000-$25million with their being no maximums. We at Capital-West Finance consider loan structures and their flexibility as very, very important. This is mostly determined by the security offered and clients other generated cash flows.

Lenders acceptance of Self Managed Superannuation Funds applied to assist acquisition of tenanted commercial property types has seen a number of clients adopt such means of funding.Correct legal structure of the purchasing entity here is paramount. Our clients generally have approached their accounting and legal advisors prior to approaching Capital-West Finance.

Please refer to our Commercial Finance page for more details.

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