This area of funding has been a major area of service since our establishment in May 1988.
Capital-West Finance Pty Ltd are accredited introducers of both owner occupier and
residential investment loans.

Borrowers include individuals, couples and corporate entities (investment loans only).

Loan Process includes:
– meeting with the client/clients to determine their needs in relation to a loan.
– providing feedback of different lenders interest rates, fees and repayments.
– proceed with an application on clients making their lender choice.
– provide client and their selected settlement agent confirmation of finance approval.
– assist client with outstanding settlement conditions eg,property insurance requirements.

Loan Structure is very important on purchasing a property or refinancing an existing loan.
One needs to decide on:
– Variable interest rates, fixed rates or a combination of both.
– Principle and interest repayments, or interest only repayments, or a combination of both.
– Use of cash offset accounts.Here client savings placed on deposit, attracts same interest rate as
new loan, effectively reducing actual interest charged on the loan.
– Lenders differing loan fee packages, incorporating a once only annual fee or paying monthly fees.

Our level of information presented ensures clients make their own decision on facts presented.

Client Appointments are at their preferred destination, at their home, our office or other.

Current Interest Rates are assured as Capital- West Finance regularly receive updates from lenders.

Capital-West Finance Pty Ltd are remunerated by our lenders for all residential loans submitted.

One acknowledges purchasing ones home to reside in, is one of life’s important financial decisions.
Capital–West Finance Pty Ltd welcomes the opportunity to assist.

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